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Thursday, August 23, 2012

MamaKat this week gave a prompt I can TOTALLY get on board with:

1.) What do your kids have that you always wanted when you were a kid?

You see I got A LOT of things when I was a kid - time with my parents, toys, food, trips, fun, educational opportunities, LOTS of swimming, LOTS of love and attention from my entire family. But my mother just would NOT let me have a Barbie.  

Nope.  No Barbie's.  

Barbie goes against every ideal that we have for our daughters.  We are the women of the 70's hear us ROAR.  

I had to sneak playing Barbie's at friends houses whose mothers didn't pay attention to Gloria Steinem and Annie Hall.  

I got these guys. 

The Sunshine Family were the 70's Hippy-Friendly, Hobby Store-owning alternative to Barbie.  They did things for themselves!  

But they were still made by Mattel so Mattel didn't care my Mother didn't buy Barbie's.  

Sew, garden, build, craft!

Reminded me of this SO much when I read that they were the "Do It Yourself" "Hippie" dolls.

Flash forward to this century - and what does my child have?

EVERY BARBIE UNDER THE SUN!!!!!  And Grandma bought her the Barbie Beatle, several SETS of Barbie clothes and at least one of the Barbies.  

Guess Grandma decided Barbie is a feminist after all.  

Now be GONE to MamaKat's for more inspiration of your own.  

Hey - even the Monster High kids dig Barbie.
p.s.. After I finished the blog last night I went downstairs and told my husband and Boo Boo La La that I had to write a blog about how Grandma wouldn't buy me Barbies, but she bought them for Boo Boo - she got all serious and said, "Mama, you can have one of MY Barbies.  Really, you can."
I love her.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ the post script :)

megan james said...

I had one of those creepy barbie heads... where you did their hair and put water on a sponge and their eyeshadow changed color. Creepy!

Unknown said...

I am not a Barbie fan, but my 4 yr old daughter HAD to have all the Disney Princess ones. That Sunshine Family - is that a father or another woman? I actually remember those dolls too.

Dionne said...

What is up with our parents completely changing their ways with their grandchildren? I am sure there will be some tale of my doing that on a blog.

I had every Barbie too...not that I am rubbing it in your face.

MommyLisa said...

@Julie - it is a dude, his name is Steve. :)

Casey said...

Hilarious. I had every Barbie under the sun. My Grandfather even built me a special toy chest just for them and their accessories. I was so in love I couldn't even bring myself to cut their hair etc. like my friends did.

(Stopping in from Mama Kat)

Chris H said...

That is so funny!
I did not have a Barbie either.

Our 'daughter' Brylee has about 15 of them. I made up for not having any by getting her heaps! lol

Cathy Kennedy said...

Children are so precious, aren't they? That was so sweet of your daughter to offer you one of her Barbie's.

With the way, Barbie doll has evolved I'm beginning to think she is either Feminist or simply Superwoman. Just look, she's a doctor, lawyer, teacher, rock star, GI Jane, ... Oh well, the 70s were the yuppy years! I'm glad you allowed your daughters to play with such a harmless Barbie doll. =D

Robbie K said...

I LOVED the Sunshine Family! I had the grandparents, the craft store, the pick up truck/camper thingy, the little house, the big house, the 4 people family...and every accessory known to exist.

Unknown said...

I had Skipper but that was kind of my choice. So sweet that your daughter offered to give you one of hers!

gretchen said...

You you poor thing. The Sunshine Family? Sigh. I loved my Barbies! I'll never forget the Christmas morning when Santa brought me my Barbie Goes to College playset! Barbie and Midge had a dorm room, and Ken worked in the Malt Shop. Ha!

Unknown said...

My mother wasn't fond of Barbies either! Sigh....oh, well. I don't understand the big hype behind them. I never wanted a barbie body...I wanted the Victoria secret model body! Ha! So yes, my girls have barbies too. :)

Anti-Supermom said...

Funny, I was never into Barbies but I had to fight tooth and nail for a 'real' Cabbage Patch doll.

I'm so pathetic ;)

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