The Minnesota State Fair - I am in love again.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last year I was not working during the State Fair - and I took a day off from my job hunting to go and visit because @Iambooboolala had never been to it and my Dad loves to go to stuff like that.

Now this year I have a great job and I also have a lot of PTO - did I mention I have a great job?

So we went again.

Look how big my baby got!


My Mother doesn't want to go to the fair - my husband hasn't shown much interest since I lost my "free ticket I am a dj" status*.

Since my cousin moved about seven blocks from the Fair entrance we also have free parking - My Dad and I have got to thinking it is up to us to show Boo Boo the ropes of being Minnesotan and the Fair.  Just too bad the Oak Ridge Boys don't play there anymore.  ;)

What does it take to be Minnesotan and enjoy The Great Get-Together?

Bubba the Bunny

  1. Good walking shoes.  A must because you will be walking around a lot if you want to see your favorite things. Machinery Hill to the Cow Barn is a long way!
  2. An empty stomach - You WILL want a Pronto Pup or Corn Dog, French Fries, Lemonade, and at least a few sweets.
  3. A love of the smell of manure.  It actually isn't bad in the barns, but you can't wrinkle your nose or we assume you are from New York City.
  4. A map - yeah, it does not help to wander around.  It's better to stand in the middle of the road and stare at the map asking, "Are we on Dan Patch or Underwood?"
  5. Cash - because those rides and Pronto Pups are not free.
  6. A Blue Ribbon Value Book.  - If you have to ask, you are not Minnesotan.  ;)
  7. Know when to go - When?  During the week and preferably on Thrifty Thursday or Kid's Day 
  8. Know WHERE to get tickets - Where?  If you work where I do - work.  If you don't Cub of course. 
  9. The ability to stand in lines so your child can get their picture with Phineas and Ferb --- or whomever is there that day...ahem.  #wheresperry #platybus
  10. Good people to go with - those who won't complain, love the Giant Slide, will have a beer with you at lunch and help tow the wagon with the six year old  ;P  aka - My Daddy.  

I know you are all JEALOUS.  Do you State Fair?

Put your hands in the AIIRRRR!
*When you work in radio in Minneapolis you spend LOTS of time eating cheese curds while you broadcast LIVE from the Minnesota State Fair.  I got rockstar parking and free tickets for all when I worked in radio.


Melissa Blake said...

Awww! I've always wanted to go to a state fair. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! xoxo

Lora said...

I don't know that we have them here! Every once in awhile we hit up local or county fairs, but I've never seen a state fair. I feel robbed.

Also, there is nothing I love more than the same picture in the same place a year later. SO BIG!

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