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Friday, November 2, 2012

So - okay a second post for the day.

I was on my way to pickup Ms. S., my carpool buddie, when I see this at the side of the road.

But it was not just the truck.

It had a gas can on top of it and a woman visibly sobbing and trying to wave down traffic.  Wearing a tank top and jeans - and a jacket DEFINITELY not warm enough for the weather.  About 30 degrees this morning.

I pull over and roll down the window.  Leary - kind of scared actually wondering just what scam I was falling for - cell in hand hovered over Ms. S's phone number - just in case.  She is the only person who would know about where my car was at that moment.

The crying woman came up and said she needed gas and asked could I take her up the road.  I asked if she couldn't get hold of anyone and she said her phone had died and she didn't know any numbers by heart.  She had been standing out there for half and hour - she was shivering so I believed her about that.

Ugh.  My heart was pounding but I told her I would take her to the Super America up the road.  I called Ms. S. to tell her - she laughed, "Okay, then I maybe will blow dry my hair."

As we are driving the woman is searching her pockets.  Uh-oh.  No wallet either.  UGH.  Is it in the car?

no. it is at home.  i am crying because i just had a baby and she is in my room at my sisters and i need my sister to check on her, but i can't call because i don't remember her number and now how will i get home....

in the saddest smallest voice ever.

I felt so bad for feeling bothered or obligated to pick her up.

So, maybe she scammed me for gas.  But I paid the attendant $20 to fill her gas can and got this guy I heard talking in the station about "heading home as he worked all night" to drive her back to her car.

She thanked me and wanted to give me her number but I waived her off.  

And we still made it to work at a fairly decent time.

And now, I will wonder about her for a very long time.


Claudya Martinez said...

You did good.

Unknown said...

It was the right thing to do-way to go Sis!

Hena Tayeb said...

It is scary what is happening around us these days, the gas shortage is terrifying.. you did a good thing..

Unknown said...

You still did good!

Anonymous said...

What an inspirational story...something I really need to hear/read more often!!

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