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Friday, May 3, 2013

I think I have fully demonstrated that I am crazy on this blog.  More than once. 

This morning the crazy turned into this blog post because someone could not follow the "Sleeping/Alarm Clock" rule at 4:19 am.

I had a whole other blog post planned with photos of LaCrosse, WI and the wonder that is Target Box Wine.  You can't get Target Box Wine here, so just being in LaCrosse made me giddy.

Yes, I am digressing, which is exactly what happened to me this morning.

I slept by myself, with only a cat or dog in the mix, for about thirty-two years of my life.  So it is really not my poor T-bone's fault that he does not know "The Rules" of sleeping.  For example, you need really soft sheets and you are not supposed to pull that top sheet out from being tucked at the foot of the bed.  Duh!

This morning, the ultimate sin.

T-bone's alarm went off, which is fine, but then he wanted a kiss.  Also fine, but the air kiss was not enough and the miss of the lips just didn't cut it, so I had to kiss him THREE times as I am saying, "I want to go back to sleep!"  It was only 4:19 am after all...but then he broke the BIG rule.  I rolled back to my side after the smooch he was looking for and HE DID NOT GET OUT OF BED!  I was laying there thinking how I would get up in about an hour and blog about LaCrosse.  This was my attempt to drift off back to sleep when I realized...HEY, he is still laying there.  Why is he laying there?  When is he getting up?  WTF?  (See, crazy. I know.)  And now I am so distracted by his laying there this whole other blog post gets stuck in my head.  This one more interesting than even Target Box Wine.

The ultimate "Sleeping/Alarm Clock" rule.  Once your alarm goes off and you give your partner a kiss, you GET OUT OF BED!  If you lay there you risk getting blogged about for; WHY ARE YOU STILL LAYING THERE???  When are you actually getting up?  Did you fall back asleep?  Should I poke you and check?  This rule to me is even bigger than "The Continental Divide Pillow" rule.

What is that rule?  It is when my husband in the night puts a pillow perpendicular to its normal position and it gets too far over on my side and I end up with one shoulder on it laying there all wonky and stiff when I wake up.  Yes, "The Continental Divide Pillow".  I KNOW how crazy this sounds, but I slept alone for more than three decades people!

And he did get up about 7 minutes after the smooch, but the damage was done.  I was not getting back to sleep.


White Sangria anyone?

T-Bone is helping someone install a furnace tomorrow,,,hopefully they don't want him over to their house so early his alarm goes off at 4:19 again.

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