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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I sat in a conference room all morning watching it snow.  Nothing stayed on the ground, it is MAY FIRST after all.  But it still put me in a mood so foul that I was tense and crabby all darn day long.

I guess I am over snow for now.

I did make it to get my haircut - fun fringe for all to view when I actually get to my phone that is active.  The nice lady from Sprint who was helping me yesterday and was supposed to help me activate the Galaxy S4 TONIGHT at 8pm actually activated it at about 4:10pm this afternoon.

The S4 is in Robbinsdale - I am in Chanhassen.

While normally that would have made me madder - I gave in, got my haircut, and am sitting while Boo Boo La La hangs with her random posse of kids at the McDonald's.  I swear that kid is JUST like her Great Granny.  Can make friends at an insurance convention.

Let us pause to remember Granny.

Yup.  She was a looker.

If you think this post had ZERO point.  You are absolutely correct.


1 comment:

DaddysFishBowl said...

Haha, the snow was definitely a distraction yesterday. However, you hid your crabbiness very well!!! Let's hope it's finally done for the year.

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