Santa Claus is coming to town...and I found out what he is bringing too.

Monday, December 9, 2013

It has been pretty busy for me both at work, at home and with my extra-fun activities.

I can't tell you how many pricing requests I have had, contracts I have written and hours of meetings I have attended.  No really, I have no idea any more.!

I took last Monday off - I was at school to meet with the team reviewing our school's IB accreditation and for parents to pickup poinsettias from the fundraiser.  But I worked the whole time due to the crunch I am under, so yeah - that was 8 hours of PTO well spent.

My director was in town - we report to someone in Boston now - and he took us out to dinner Wednesday. That was actually really nice and I enjoyed being out with him and the members of our team who could make it, there was about 6 inches of snow, so....

I went to a FUN cookie exchange on Thursday after working until 7pm. My son has been eating ALL the cookies. Yesterday I put a stop to any further consumption of the Russian Teacakes.

Friday night - a real live, grown-up, dress-up, holiday party with the other couples from our church!

Saturday? All us moms, and some dads, get up for 9:30am  Christmas Pageant Rehearsal at Church. Cuz we are JUST THAT SMART in our planning of fun!

Then off to see Santa with the in-laws:

It was a good thing we got to see Santa too - I had NO idea he was bringing a Crayola Crayon Maker!

Then Saturday Night? Oh YES. More real-live holiday fun. This time with SAILORS!

My friend Julie married a Navy guy - he has Navy buddies and they invite along my Sailor and I to the fun!  I think I almost peed my pants twice. 

Sunday - church and then ALL THE ERRANDS I had no time to do the rest of the week.  

Please do not look to closely at my floor.  I have not vacuumed in - ummmm. yeah. 

Laundry? I will get to the mountain. 

PTO tonight - Girl Scouts tomorrow night - then I give up. Oh wait, I promised Boo Boo La La we would make peppermint cocoa to give as holiday gifts to various and sundry lovely people. 

And I need to stop and pickup gifts as they arrive for my ship-to-store orders.  

What have a gotten my self into?  I remember when I actually used to blog about

4) AND SNOW!!! 

I hope your holiday season is not nearly as hectic, but just as fun!

Joy to the world, peace on Earth, and Merry Christmas! 

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Slamdunk said...

Wow, you are juggling there for sure. The snow here has led to lots of canceled and postponed activities for us--which means more family fighting no I mean togetherness.

I hope things slow down a little, and I am sure glad that Manning decided to have an off week this week...

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