I got FABULOUS on my chest.

Friday, December 6, 2013

So I got the opportunity from Allied Shirts to try out their custom shirt service.

Make my own t-shirt design?  Yes.  Yes, I will.

I took this logo....

I went to this link...


I uploaded the logo, manipulated where I wanted it.  Front? Back? Corner or the WHOLE shirt? I picked my shirt color and size - and type, they have womens - mens - long sleeve, short, even sweatshirts and girly t's...

What did I end up with?

A COMFY PURPLE T that fits EXCELLENT thank you.  I got a ladies cut Gildan T from Allied Shirts collection and it is amazingly comfortable and moves with me, plus I love the purple. 

If you need/want custom t-shirts I would highly recommend Allied Shirts as they really delivered a quality shirt in record time.  And their pricing for even just one custom shirt is worth it.  

I am off to be FABULOUS FRIDAY in my very own custom t.  How are you Fab today?

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