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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Maybe like my Sister In Law you are expecting a baby.

You want to announce your bundle of joy in a VERY special way
You fancy yourself, or your hubby, a GREAT amatuer photographer.
You don't want to leave the house because you are constantly breastfeeding and doing laundry.

How about Minted?

I.die. from the cuteness that is the Hello Baby birth announcement.

Not sure which you will like?  Get free samples.
Wow.  Will other sites do that?
Not that I have seen. has a lot of new fresh looks for kids and babies this spring.
Maybe you need an Easter card?  That dress you got your precious daughter at Costco needs to been seen by more people than just at church Easter Sunday, right?

Me? I am looking to fill out an unbalanced wall in my living room.

If I were being honest I might want to get rid of the existing print, deer in snow, but I know my husband loves these wildlife prints and so I conceded that this one was a good match in colors for our living room and it is a nice little cottage. I got to pick all the other prints in our home, except three upstairs we chose together. 

Fair is fair.

While I was cruising the Minted website I found that buying art from them was more meaningful than just putting something I like on my walls.  I am helping mothers around the globe.  

Every Mother Counts is a program founded by model Christy Turlington Burns that Minted supports by giving a portion of each art sale to fund their education programs to help reduce maternal mortality around the globe.  So not only do the female artists on the Minted website get commissions on their fabulous works, Minted gives 2% of their own portion to charity.  

I am IN!  

But what to choose? I narrowed it down here:

Let me know which you like:
1) Enjoy the Little Things
2) Spring Branches
3) Love Builds
4) Mountains in the Clouds

Tell me what you like - or if you think I am crazy and you like something different entirely.  It is QUITE a fun site to browse, and pin, and get lost for a few hours in...

I want you to know that I did get asked to write this review. I will be compensated for this review, but the opinions in this review are, as always, quite my own.  

p.s. I will also get a print and post an after picture when it arrives and is hung!  

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