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Thursday, March 6, 2014

You know I have a giveaway for a $10 Target Gift Card + GE reveal® light bulbs.

They sent me some bulbs too for me to try out in my home and see what I thought and share it with you. 
A package of four GE reveal® 75watt bulbs arrived at my home. 

I was thinking of what room I needed better lighting in - and I decided on.

My bathroom.
What woman couldn't use great lighting when she is getting ready to face the world each and every day?  I know I could. So I went to the bathroom, stood in my bathtub and took a picture.  
These are the bulbs that were in the sconces.

So you see - NOT cheap bulbs.

And these are the GE reveal® bulbs I then replaced them with...

Are you ready for this??

To the left are the old bulbs - to the right GE reveal®

Is that NOT amazing? I mean I had no idea how yellow the old bulbs were making my bathroom. When I took the old bulbs out and put the GE reveal® bulbs in I thought  to myself, "What is the difference? Huh?"  Then I looked at the photos.  It really makes the bathroom light cleaner and fresher somehow.  I know from watching the video I posted that they would make a difference, but see how much more lit up the bathroom is?  Even with colored sconces the light hits further and brighter than with the old bulbs.  It made me excited to get up and put on makeup this morning! 

And check out all that the GE reveal® bulbs have to offer at their website too! 

p.s. I did not crop or edit the pictures of my bathroom at all. 

p.p.s. I did get the bulbs for free - the results speak for themselves!

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