Kidecals - A Review

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I love finding new things.

I love when new things find me too.


What a fun solution to labeling your stuff, your kid's stuff, your husband's stuff, your kitchen stuff.

I have even seen people at work using the chalkboard stickers on their lunches.

We ordered some with the idea they would be VERY useful to mark Boo Boo's stuff to make sure it came home from all the camps she has going on this summer! Acting camp, 'Camp Auntie Lois", Girl Scout Camp...

They sure came in a nice envelope!

And I think I picked some pretty fun decals for myself!

Quite the STASH  - huh???

And totally ready for camp luggage!!!

And they stay on over TWO muddy, wet soccer practices.

Do you want to try them too??? Guess what!?!

You can use this code to get your own!

Okay? Come closer, let me tell you the code.

You ready?


shhhh. keep it to yourself okay???

Nah, share it with everyone! Enjoy 15 percent off your order!

Just FYI - Kidecals did send me a code for some free stickers, but I honestly could not believe how durable they are. That soccer ball was all over a swampy soccer field - You have heard about our rain here in Minnesota this summer?  No fading, peeling, nothing.  It sits just where Boo Boo put it - RIGHT OVER THE DIRT THAT WAS ON IT ALREADY.  Amazing, no? 

Go get some.

1 comment:

Slamdunk said...

Well that is amazing thinking about a ball being kicked and rolled through the mud. Your post sure is timely as we parents are knee deep in camps & trips where things get misplaced easily.

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