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Friday, October 10, 2014

I like to go bare foot.

One of my first jobs I loved involved standing on a beach.  

No shoes, no socks, no problem.

There comes a day in each year as the leaves begin to flame red, orange and purple, that it becomes inappropriate for me to wear my thong-type sandals to work so that I can kick them under the desk if I so desire. That day this year? Yesterday.

I woke up and the weather report on my favorite station showed a temperature that was not to my liking - I was going to wear comfy pants that were "skinny" style and knee-hi socks would be a comfort challenge. I knew I needed socks as I also wanted to wear my red clogs - despite the fact I love bare feet (feeted?) I hate to be chilly! Unfortunately for me - my sock drawer is mostly knee-hi's and footie socks used with my sneakers.

I opened the drawer not expecting much...I pulled out pair after pair after pair. Then...

There they were.  A pair in a color that worked, that would not show my ankles and would not go up past my lower calf.  But, huh?

I do not recognize these socks at all.

Did I buy them?

Not that I recall.

Did the sock fairy bring them?

No, that is stupid. There is no sock fairy. Right?

Wait a minute.

I lose about 6.873 socks per month to the laundry...


Are these yours?  And if they are, can I keep them?

1 comment:

sprinkles said...

We still have flip flop weather here, thankfully! I doubt we will for much longer though, as the days are starting to get a bit chillier.

Those socks do look rather comfy!

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