Memories of November 6, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Scene revisited: a bright morning in a small suburb of Minneapolis, mild weather for November 4, 2008, the crowd is lined up in a parking lot waiting for the doors to open - it is just before 7 am. 

Mommy is holding her purse, her child's water bottle, her diet coke, a blankie and the child is absently munching on apple slices from a small ziploc bag. As we zoom in on the small child's cherubic face she begins to speak:

Child: Mommy, why are we standing outside church?
Mommy: So Mommy can go vote.
Child: Boat? Can I boat? I like swim in the lake!

*appropriate giggles from the crowd*

End Scene

*photo courtesy of Faux Martha's July post of our camping trip.

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