#RockTheGarden Recap - Or - My birthday pretty much rocked this year.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sunday was a big day.

Final Round of the US Open.

Father's Day.

First Official Day of Summer.

My birthday.

Yes, it was my birthday on Father's Day. Not a typical occurrence, but it happens.

This year I decided to ask for what I really wanted.

Ticket's to Rock The Garden at the Walker Sculpture Garden!

I didn't really care who was playing, but with JD McPherson, Babes In Toyland (SCORE! Reunited Legends!) and Modest Mouse as the beef of Sunday's lineup, I was pretty stoked.

Let's get a closer look at JD McPherson.


I loved every minute from my bloody mary at Spasso that morning to the view of Modest Mouse that evening as the sun set over the back of my shoulder. 

But my favorite part of any event is of course....

People Watching.  

I mean I learned from the best, my dad natch. He loves to sit there and watch all the loonies go by. From the local mall to the granddaddy watching place of all time The MN State Fair my dad would poke my side and point out anyone or anything cool, beautiful, funny, silly, or unusual.

He would have loved the transvestite Santa Claus who popped up dancing from a few rows in front of us Sunday night.  :) Hair in a pony and wearing RED Converse All Stars with his/her red mini-dress. 

Another excellent thing at concerts are the t-shirts. People will wear ANYTHING on a t-shirt at a concert. The best were the Minnesota Themes on shirts.  My two favorites:

Now those are some good musical references!

So thank you Terry for saying YES to a concert. I love going places with you - even if you are checking your phone to see who won the Open every 30 seconds from 8:45 to the moment your sports app told you Spieth won.  :)  

Love you baby!


sprinkles said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I've always wanted a fun birthday like this. Mostly no one really acknowledges mine other than my mom. We were never big on birthday's in my family, so it's pretty much an ordinarly day with a gift thrown in.

I'm glad you got to enjoy the big day and that you'll have lots of wonderful memories of it.

Slamdunk said...

Yes, happy belated birthday from me as well.

It looks like both of you won with a super duper time.

I bought my first fantasy football magazine of the season and had to laugh. They have your fav Peyton Manning listed in the players most likely to be "busts" this year. I am thinking, look at when the critics attack Peyton--I expect him to do well just to shove some mud in the critics faces.

Enjoy your week.

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