Hairy Issues

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I dread the morning.

Not so much the morning itself. but the time we finally have to get dressed and ready.

The hair-raising hair brushing time.

My poor baby Boo boo La la got my fine follicles. The kind that tangle when a butterfly flits past.

I used to have to brush it. Now that she's older it is a job I leave in her own little hands. And there maybe are no more  breathless sobs, 'You're ki-ling--me-I-can-not-breathe-ah!' , but it still sucks.

She's tried countless brushes. sprays,detangling poos and rinses. None of them 'work' forever. She eventually stares into the mirror saying how she hates this or that.  And her hair.

She has beautiful hair.

This morning, it was the worst. She told me that people say that her hair feels fake (?) and that recently a lady had asked her if she '...ever brushed her hair.'

Could people be more rude?

Don't answer that.

I told her that she should ignore them. They are rude and CRAZY. But, I know that it can hurt.

Just like the brushing.

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sprinkles said...

I have that same fine hair. And I remember my mom raking a brush through it and crying because she wasn't gentle. When I was little, she made me get it cut short so she wouldn't have to deal with it. :( I did not like that, because I wanted long hair like a Princess.

People can be so rude sometimes. I'm sorry Boo Boo La La has to deal with that.

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