Dear Fancy Online Stores,

Monday, July 13, 2015

I love to get fun pieces - at a discount.

I scour the web for the days that stores discount their clearance further.

It has to be PRETTY special deal for me to pounce.  Like this scarf I get all the compliments on...


Shipping fees.

Really? Shipping fees?

Yes.  They are ridiculous unless you spend $175 or $200 (I don't) and on some websites go up with the value of your order.  Let that sink in - the shipping fee can INCREASE based on the dollar amount you order!!!!  Wha????  Oh yeah, the deal at those sites has to be freaking awesome, or they have a free shipping code out, for me to buy from them.

I found that some websites will give me free shipping because of my American Express and recently if you used that Visa Checkout and a couple of sites, but still - NOT everyone.

I am looking at YOU Anthropologie!!!

But a girl can wrap herself in her pretty scarf and dream.


Slamdunk said...

I hope that intended target is listening... The Mrs. handles all of the online deal hunting in my family--glad there are smart folks like you all out there.

sprinkles said...

I don't buy online very often. Mainly it's because if I'm buying something, I want it RIGHT NOW!!! If I do, it's usually because I can't find it here or it's cheaper online. I've used Overstock a few times and gotten some good deals - even with the shipping.

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