I was a little more than worried.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Boo Boo La La was not looking forward to school this year much.

She told anyone who asked that she was NOT excited to go back to school this year.

I know why.

Last year.

Last year SUCKED so hard. I was emailing and calling the Superintendant, crying on shoulders, just SICK over the cluster that was my child's classroom.  I hated being so upset.

Her teacher's child got very sick. I felt soooo bad, but the principal (who thank sweet baby Jesus is moved on) didn't handle the situation very well from a staffing standpoint. They had a DIFFERENT SUB EVERY DAY FROM THE SIXTH DAY OF SCHOOL UNTIL MEA - LATE OCTOBER!

It was, to say the least, utterly ridiculous.

So, this year she was not very excited. She was dwelling on the year of teachers being taken away - or running - and that no one got in trouble for anything, except her when she would point out things were going awry.

Last year was so different.

But, she volunteered for school patrol, is doing Girls On The Run, All-District Choir and we just changed to a new gymnastics club which went super well on the first night!


And I got a story on the way home yesterday about her great (read solid - mid 40-ish/early 50-ish teach who is going nowhere!) is letting them chew GUM IN CLASS. As long as they DO NOT leave wrappers on the floor, blow bubbles, stick gum under tables, and throw the gum away when they go to leave the classroom.

So in honor of her moving on - I am looking back at all the FIRST DAY photos we have taken.

Pre-K Year 1

Pre-K Year 2

Kindergarten, forgot to snap a pick until we were already THERE!

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade!!

Fifth Grade
Here is to enjoying a happy school year Peeps!

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sprinkles said...

Did school just start there? The schools have been in session here for over a month. I love that you take first day of school pix. We almost never took pix when I was growing up.

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