4 -0!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Skoal Vikings!

The Vikings are 4 & 0! I mean, really??  Really??



And guess what!  So is my Fantasy Football Team!!!

I blacked out everyone - except this random guy we let into our league who is totally arrogant and has proposed RIDICULOUS trades to pretty much all of us.

Like, I am not giving you Jordy Nelson dude - backup!

The thing is though, DeAngelo Williams may move to a limited role, there are not any really decent Running Backs remaining, and I AM a Vikings Fan.  sigh.

Do you not know about being a Vikings Fan?  

It is all about heartbreak my friend.  Heartbreak. 

I mean - 

Gary Anderson's wide kick, Brett Favre's inteception, losing EVERY DAMN SUPERBOWL WE WERE EVER IN...and have not been back since 1977.  OMG that Tony Dorsett TD. Ugh. Puke.

So, despite my team and I being 4 & 0 I don't anticipate a Super Bowl ring - or bragging rights with the blogger crew in 2017.  

Let's just hope the D shows up Sunday against the Texans.  


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