Wednesday, October 26, 2016


If you do not like fall in Minnesota then there has to be something wrong with you.

I mean when else would you see a little bunny hopping in the leaves?

There is nothing better than smelling the crisp fresh autumn air, occasionally punctuated by roasting coffee beans from the Caribou HQ down the road.

I love pulling out the boots and the sweaters - layering on a scarf in a pretty shade that brightens up my normal navy/black/dark wardrobe.

And leaves. I love the leaves....

I remember raking them up with Boo Boo about five years ago when I had just been given my new job, but I had weeks until I had to start...it was heaven.

Boo Boo was in total heaven.

I have to remember she still loves to do things like this...when she gets home on Friday I plan to have a nice big pile raked up for her and her buddy Tess.

(and secretly video tape from the bay window, shhhh!)

Please join us!

Enjoy The Fall.

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