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Monday, September 17, 2018

Got a little irritated this morning trying to return a Redbox. 

The location - that appeared in my search for a movie the night before - did not exist. 

So, I had to find another location on the way to work and it took extra time. Boo! 

And now - annoyed at Amazon as they have delivered an item to my front steps, where it states - 


Because I live on a busy street I do not like them leaving packages framed by my hedges for all to see.  I mean, really? I have it on my account too - ALL DELIVERIES TO SIDE DOOR/BACK DECK. And the person that delivered it today even took a picture of it.  

What a dipwad. 

So - I have to do something to cheer myself up. 

Before and After of my side yard!!!  

The first picture was of the progress my dear T-bone was making constructing our awning - the second the awning is done, a new light (bonus) and the landscaping is fixed!!! 


Here is hoping the Amazon box with the solar pathway lights doesn't go missing. 

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