Off We Go To Milwaukee!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Earlier this summer I had a crazy idea that we would drive over five hours to Milwaukee. Lucky for me I am married to T-Bone and beyond my giving him grey hair he is a pretty good sport! How many husbands would agree to a 36-hour trip that 10+ was driving? 

It would be a surprise visit to Summerfest for my child to see Billie Eilish
p.s. I agree it was an amazing show and her brother was also fantastic to watch. I'll give my review later...

But along the way, we found other ways to amuse ourselves. 

Me - I looked for license plates (after I saw Alaska!) and I found:

I got a lot of problems with you people and now you're gonna hear about it.

I am of the opinion though that Illinois has FAR too many variations of their plate & that people have plate frames that oddly cover a large amount of their state name. Which I can't believe is legal. 

Then, of course, there was Sunday Brunch & watching USA Women's Soccer KICK A$$!

Rose Bowl @ Wicked Hop

We wrapped up our weekend in a place where T-Bone could be happy too. 

The Harley Davidson Museum! Who goes to Milwaukee & doesn't do that? 

We took a guided tour - heard about plenty of motorcycles (and other motors!) and went into the limited run exhibit "Daredevils! A Century of Spine-Tingling Spectacles" that had everything from Buffalo Bill Cody to Joie Chitwood & Evil Kenevil. Plus, some idiot that tried to build a loop-de-loop & mountain bike it...ugh! Do NOT try this @home. 

And now we are home again - jiggidy-jig!     

How is your summer? 

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