Monday, November 2, 2020

This is a picture that I was so proud to take. My daughter went with me to vote for the first woman to be President of the United States. We bought a cool t-shirt and a button at the Fair even that summer. 

I was sure of it. 
I felt it in my bones.

I had no clue that people hated her quite that much. Or hated that she 'let her husband get away with, xyz'. Or that EMAILS! 

I was kind of crushed.

Boo Boo would not go with me to vote in the next election. She was crushed too. 

Now she takes to Instagram and posts about anti-bullying, being kind, and taking care of others. Protests - #sayhername #blacklivesmatter #Beruit - She knows what is going on and asks me questions.

Mom, do you know who Kamala Harris is? 
Do you know why Joe Biden picked her to be his running mate? 
Did you and Daddy vote yet? 

It all is starting to feel familiar though. And with the #45 Parade down our Lilac Way this past weekend, I am anxious, to say the least. 

Not to mention all the vitriol on posts by our Governor. I can honestly say, I would be afraid to be in front of some of these people. 
How did Minnesota get like this? 
The white supremacy seeping out from the "nice". 

I will remain positive, but a little anxious, until this is all over. 
Maybe by Christmas. 

Just please, no Jason Lewis. 

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