Nobody Blogs Anymore

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

It seems like nobody blogs anymore. I click on people who commented on my old blog posts and nope.

No posts for years and years. Except one who posted in June 2021 - about her husband needing some life-changing surgery, and then no update.

I hope he came through it okay. 

I liked reading her blog.

She was funny and sensible, which is a good combination in a human if you can find it. 

I thought I would say hello out into the blogger-verse because my domain is renewing and all. The $10 I spend to keep this domain alive seems silly. 

Especially when the only thing happening on my blog are comments on old posts to go to some or other online casino. 

Can you redirect your domain to something new? Will I lose all my old posts if I want to change my domain? 

These are the thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon. 

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