Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Yesterday I was driving and I asked Siri to make a call for me.  Having just switched over to an iPhone in May, after only having a Blackberry (only one, my first phone) and Samsung phones since I have had a cell phone -  I was not used to the response.  

I said, "Hey Siri, call Athleta Customer Service" to which I expected it to pull the 800 number - and I got a list of local Athleta locations instead!?!?!? 

Like Siri, you are totally useless.

Even my Google Home knows to pull up this number.

Can someone who else has gone from Samsung to Apple, or vice versa, please explain to the rest of the idiots out there that an iPhone is NOT superior in.any.way? Any of my Samsung Galaxy phones run circles around my iPhone 12 Pro. CIRCLES. It is an electronic brick. 

I have this phone for one reason only - Find My.  I had a very scary phone phishing experience and do not want to repeat it so I track my kid. She hates it, but too f'ing bad. 

So Samsung, if you are listening, get a service that is free like Find My on your device that can track an iPhone and I will be back faster than you can say, "Hey Siri, you are useless." to which Siri replies "That's not nice." but too bad you really suck. 

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