I am a huge geek, and I embrace that.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Everyone knows I am a huge geek.

I like very weird things; like reading Wikepedia's obscure entries, surfing CNN/Fox News, Local News, etc.

I choke up at victories by anyone. Yes, I get physically emotional when I see someone win something they fought hard to get...it does not matter who or what...it just moves me for some reason.

I love me some reality tv; Project Runway, Top Chef, Real Housewives, etc.

But, I really adore the Gosselin's. And Sunday they have an all afternoon/evening marathon on TLC. I am in heaven!!!

How do I explain Jon and Kate Plus 8? I "get" them. They love each other, they tried fertility treatments to have kids and BAM they get twins and BAM BAM BAM they get sextuplets! Yes, eight children under the age of eight!!!

I love them because they fight, they make faces at what their kids are doing, they get frustrated, but they see the joy in everything and really love each other. It makes me feel normal somehow. Does that make sense?

Just watch one time and see if you are not hooked too.

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Stacey said...

Jon & Kate plus 8 makes me want to laugh scream and cry all at the same time.
I only have twins...I can't imagine.

And I must say, your concert comment at WhiskeyMarie's site is scary and damn funny all at the same time ;) (the whole bikini drunkeness, spandex thing...the mental picture caused me to laugh uncontrollably.)

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