Bedtime Struggle

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So lately we have had ISSUES with a little girl staying in bed.

We can hear little feet running around and giggles...

We hear boxes tipping over and a kitty pouncing.

Last night I told Boo Boo La La not to get out of bed. So when I came up to brush my teeth I see a little hand poking out her door waving a sippy cup.

do you need more water?
"Ya-haaaa. I no get out of bed."
nope you're in it - standing up, but you're in that bed alright. go to sleep!
"hee hee hee."

3 comments: said...

She's adorable. I remember those days. They're rough...but OH how I wish I could snap my fingers and bring them back again!!

themom said...

My daughter (now 29) would NEVER stay in bed. Her grandmother even put stretchy straps across her one night, while we played cards...out comes the little girl to give Granny back her straps. Too funny.

Ann(ie) said...

SHe is so stinkin cute!!! I'm feeling your pain at bedtime. Ben was pretending his bed was trampoline tonight. For like an hour. feh.

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