Can Anyone Afford a New Car?

Friday, December 12, 2008

So, the White House lame duck W says they are now stepping in and 'possibly' applying the Wall Street bailout to the Auto Industry.

Seriously? What good will it do to save Ford, GM and Chrysler now and see them fail later when NO ONE can afford to buy their cars anyway?

Huh? Really?

can you believe I actully cheered senate republicans this morning for not agreeing?


yurasi said...

Great point...and yeah, how completely duh. When so many are losing their jobs and having a hard time affording food, heat and utilities, mortgages, prescriptions...but then again, maybe they can live in the back of their brandy new Tahoe?!?

In either case, it's buy their shitty cars, they get money...don't buy their shitty cars, they still get money. Seems to work well either way.

themom said...

I hate the thought of so many people "out of work" but let's be realistic. Consider all the new cars on lots across the U.S., all the used cars on lots (which are holding their values)...let's get them sold before we start a new line for heaven's sake. I'm all for the auto industry filing bankruptcy, just like us, the little people.

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