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Monday, January 5, 2009

Dr Monkey VonMonkerstien was interviewed and sent out an offer to interview others. As he and I sat down to chat over the holidays I took a large sip of my Caribou and exhaled in anticipation of the first question.

1) Is Minnesota weather really just 6 months of winter and 6 months of bad sledding? Ha ha ha ha...okay first of all it gets REALLY hot here in the summer. Yes, it has been very cold this winter, but we really just do not get the snow like we used to. Nothing like when I was a kid and had to snowshoe three miles uphill both ways to get to school. In blinding blizzards no less!!
p.s. I LOVE the cold. I always say you can put more clothes on, but you can only take so many off... ;)

2) If you could be a superheroine what would be your super power and what wold your costume look like? I would want to be invisible so I could check up on people...including the boo boo la la. Super-strength should come with that skill, right? And I would look like this...

3) Where did you meet your husband and when did you know he was "the one"? I have told this tale before...
Imagine June 1999 - it is HOT and HUMID in Minnesota and my brother, my buddy Kyle Ann and I decide we need some cold beers and sweaty singing. We head up to NordEast to hang at a place called Arrones -- not sure I would go there anymore, but at the time the bartender Mike* and the Karaoke chick were tons of fun --
We sit on one side of the bar, Mike gives us a cold one, and we begin to pick out our songs. If I remember accurately I probably sang (forgive me)
"Livin' La Vida Loca"
"Heartache Tonight"
"I touch myself."
But, wait! There at the "mic" is a cute guy in polo and shorts - and he is SINGING "Pretty Woman" ....I wonder if he will do the... Oh yeah, he can growl like Roy Orbison, SWEET!
I lean into Kyle Ann and say,
L - There is my boyfriend.
KA - HE's too old.
L - Too old for you maybe. Remember I have a few years on ya babe.
Brother Pete- HEY, should I go get my "Chocolate Salty Balls" cd and sing that?

Polo shirt and shorts finishes singing and starts to work his way around the bar to where we are sitting and gets halted by "Trucker Girl" wanting him to play pool.
L- Bitch, get away from my boyfriend.
KA - You need another drink.
FINALLY about midnight Polo shirt sits at the barstool next to mine -being the smooth chick I am I lean over toward him and say -
"You're cute, what is your name?"
Yes folks that is how I met the madman I am married to...he will say he sang the song because HE saw me first, I buy that, but he will also say that he TALKED to me first and that is a
bold-faced lie.
Just ask Kyle Ann, she was there. Unless she had too many Long Islands that night. ;)
p.s. the line I used on my hubby worked EVERY TIME. If you are single use it tonight!
BUT, how did I know he was the "one"? He did not give up. I tried to push him away thinking it was too fast to be so close to each other, but he just did not buy that. He was the right guy because he saw through me...see, he is the more sensitive of the two of us when it comes to the mushy-love stuff. Poor guy.
4) What are three foods you hate? Hate is such a strong word...I am always telling the kids not to use it. That said the three foods I just prefer to be striken from all menus on the planet are - fishsticks, sauerkraut, and mayonaise. While I realize mayonaise is a condiment...I just HATE it. All forms of it - "salad dressing", Miracle Whip, what-EVER it is gross.

5) What would you rather find in the trunk of your car a dirty stinking to high heaven diaper or a dead skunk? Since my car is a station wagon (and Hubs drives an Aviator) this is highly unlikely, but I would rather find the diaper. Dead animals of any kind skeeb me out! Ewww.

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

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