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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Remember I said - MIND YOUR MANNERS AT THE GYM! Huh, remember, huh?
Well, I think Angela Davis or someone at 'CCO I friended on Facebook stole my idea...but then they had that idiot Kerry McNally do the story - be prepared, he is a doofus.
Basically - they had none of my tips. sigh. I guess I am the only one that knows what is really going on in the gym - it is obvious Coach T is too busy staring at cute girls.
BTW, Bruce was excellent! I heard he was good live, but it is in my top three concerts ever.

That is saying something. Here is the set list and summary ripped off from http://www.backstreets.com/:

May 11 / Xcel Energy Center / St. Paul, MN

Notes: Springsteen and the E Street Band's third performance at this venue in a year and a half. Jay Weinberg starts the night, drumming from "Badlands" through "Raise Your Hand" on very much a "Night A" setlist. Max returns to the kit after Bruce asks, "Is the old man in the house?"

Things shake up a bit in the sign request section, of course. First up is the big rarity of the night, as Springsteen takes a sign asking for "Twist & Shout" or "Good Lovin'" and opts for the road less traveled. "We've never played this before, ever," said Bruce, as the band took a moment to work out the arrangement. ("Charlie's got the solo.") This one had to make Stevie happy, having inducted the Rascals into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 (getting "discovered" for the role of Silvio Dante in the process), and played with the band's Dino Danelli and Felix Cavaliere in his own Disciples of Soul. It certainly made the crowd happy, too -- the place went nuts.

Requests for "Prove It All Night" and "The E Street Shuffle" followed, the latter a more pop-inflected version than the bluesy performances previously on this tour (and a bit messy, too). Several kids got a chance to sing on "Sunny Day," Bruce quipping, "This is child abuse!" After "The Promised Land," an audible, with "The Wrestler" replaced by a sultry "I'm on Fire." Bruce's "moment" with a woman in the crowd clearly sends her to the moon, and captured on the big screen, it gives the whole place a good laugh.

In the encore, they follow "American Land" with "Bobby Jean" and one more sign request, "Rosalita," to dance the night away.

Badlands (w/ Jay Weinberg)

Radio Nowhere (w/ Jay Weinberg)

Outlaw Pete (w/ Jay Weinberg) - this was cool and I usually hate is whiney-man stuff, apparently the Boss must be seen LIVE.

No Surrender (w/ Jay Weinberg)

Out in the Street (w/ Jay Weinberg)

Working on a Dream (w/ Jay Weinberg)

Seeds (w/ Jay Weinberg)

Johnny 99 (w/ Jay Weinberg)

The Ghost of Tom Joad (w/ Jay Weinberg) - again, not a favorite until I heard it live.

Raise Your Hand (w/ Jay Weinberg)

Good Lovin'

Prove It All Night

The E Street Shuffle

Waitin' on a Sunny Day

The Promised Land

I'm on Fire - hubby pointed out it was the only "Born in the USA" tune, but his fave.

Kingdom of Days

Lonesome Day

The Rising

Born to Run

***ENCORE* * *

Hard Times

Tenth Avenue Freeze-out

Land of Hope and Dreams

American Land

Bobby Jean

Rosalita - Bill & Carol asked if Rosalita could come out and play tonight?


themom said...

So glad this concert ranks high on your favorites. Sounds like you had a wonderful time too.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

He's called The Boss for a reason toots. ;0)

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