GIVEAWAY - for Father's Day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Every so often, my birthday is on Father's Day.

Yup, yours truly was born on the Summer Solstice.
So what to do for the Father's, Brother's, Husband's and Son's who read this blog?
(Could this or that be a clue?)
Let Envirosax give them something from their collection! Their new MANLY

So does this look like your dad?
Or This?
Maybe This reminds you of your hubby?

Write a comment, say something nice about the special man in your life - even yourself if you are someone with a Y chromosome.

ONE lucky person will win based on their short essay about the
Man in Their Life

ONE lucky person will win based on random selection of all comments.

You can also comment again for a second try if you Twitter this blog!
please enter your comments by 5pm Monday June 15, Central
What do you win for them, or to keep for yourself? A lovely Envirosax Bag!
Thank the nice people from Australia Please!!! They are also having a giveaway at their website!!!


Chris H said...


Loves me
Loves our kids
Loves me more than rugby even!

And I love him... more than shopping even!

But maybe not as much as chocolate.

Whiskeymarie said...

The main man in my life:
*cleaned up my vomit once (OK, FINE- twice.)
*tries to cook for me even though he thinks I'm judging him (I'm not).
*Always offers the last bite to me, even if he really, really wants it.
*Willingly takes part in whatever weird scheme I have planned, be it blog-related or otherwise.
*Seems to know when I'm feeling insecure and tells me how cute I look.
*Laughs at my jokes (or at me, I can't really tell).
*Is an amazing dad to our two kitties and new doggie, even though he initially reluctantly agreed to all three. He loves them all so very, very much.
*Surprises me with really, really good gifts, though you'd never guess it by looking at him.

And my Dad kind of sucks, so Father's day is a moot point for me. I'll take my beasts and my Mr. any day...

Whiskeymarie said...

And I linked to you for this contest on my sidebar- I hope you don't mind...

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