Random Thoughts for a Tuesday

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I had to go to the doctor to give him blood samples...nothing serious or fatal.
I drank an entire 24oz mug of Tazo Refresh tea before I got there.
I was an IDIOT and when east on the Crosstown to try to get to 94 and work.
Kimberly needs to call me and tell me what she meant about the U-Haul guys in NOLA.
I had two new Twitter followers this morning, but I think they are probably the kind that want you to follow them and offer you "favors".
I am MommyLisa there too...it was AVAILABLE, can you believe it?
Lance Armstrong twittered about the new Spoon EP and...

Now I have a meeting in less than ten minutes.

Go out and enjoy your day!

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