When the night has come...(John Lennon version)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am listening to my Pandora station as I work and blog today...John Lennon's version of Stand By me is on and it reminds me of my pledge to myself.
TRY to live more green for the earth, and children of the future like my Boo Boo La La.
So? How do I plan to do this???
Well - the first thing I did was my Envirosax...You don't want to hear me talk about them again do you??? Nah.
Then I gave up coffee - because it seemed to me that tea was more environmentally friendly to produce - THEN, I gave up soda and so now I don't use many cans/bottles because I have my reusable tea mug and water bottle.
NEXT - Dryer balls. Yes, Dryer Balls. I have seen them priced from $9.99 infomercial style to $20!!! At Target.com.
These I purchased at Babies R Us a few months ago and the clothes actually seem softer...YES, with NO OTHER FABRIC SOFTENER. And $14.99 plus tax, over 1000 loads per set...I will use them for over 3 years before they tell me I need to replace them - figuring 6 loads per week for our family of 5.
Compare that to Bounce which I notice is outrageously priced these days and these babies are quite the bargain too. (Yes, yes, bargain brands...most make me itchy, except Snuggle, but still it is like $5 for 80!)
Plus, the kitty loves them- so they can be his toys when I replace them in a few years.

And if I had known about it beforehand, I could have saved Fifty Cents! But, you can by using this link...


Anonymous said...

Something tells me you could make a wicked Halloween costume with a leotard and a pair of those dryer balls.

MommyLisa said...

OMG - must.not.tell.husband. He has been known to create things like that! ;)

Whiskeymarie said...

I totally need to try those dryer balls- I hate most fabric softeners, but they're a necessary evil.

And I love Kirby's idea.

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