Friday, September 11, 2009

I was calling a cab to fly to JFK that morning. I had a suitcase and was headed to meetings with my two biggest clients - and having dinner with my friend Angie and her daughter at my hotel in New Jersey later that night. We were going to have a sleep-over...

I did not have a cell phone at the time - yes, seriously - and my girlfriend was watching the planes in horror and desperately calling my home every 30 minutes to be sure I was not on either of the planes. And frantically calling her husband of Middle Eastern descent who was stuck now in Germany for about two months...luckily his brother lives there and his parents in France.

My brother came to my house and like zombies we watched CNN for hours and hours. He slept on my couch as we waited to hear what happened. And I for news about a friend who's law firm was located in the towers. He was in court - thankfully.

For a time I worked for American Express and it is scary even today to be up in their tower on Vesey Street and look out at where ground zero is...many people who I got to know well had stories about what it was like to be in NYC that day and the months after.

So how do you remember 9/11? Let me make a suggestion or two:

  • Hug all your friends and family today and tell them how much you care.
  • Be kind to a stranger.
  • Enjoy the freedom you have to love or hate your government and how they run our country.
  • Think about where you were then, and how you have grown now.
  • Stop for a moment of silence and remember those who left us on 9/11.



p.s. I love you guys.


Loukia said...

Beautiful and well written, Lisa. Hugs... xo

themom said...

That was lovely. Until that day - the "will never forget day" was JFK's assassination. 9/11 way surpasses that. I remember going outside in the early afternoon that day - looking up at the sky and realizing, there was not a single airplane in U.S. airspace. I found that to be a sobering thought.

JennyMac said...

Very sweet post. And I will never forget.

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