The one where I steal GOOP from Gwyneth.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's time to dump your dull duds & sassafras your wardrobe!

Supah and I just handed you a big, phat (and very phake)
VISA gift card* with your name all over it.

Now, go spend it ... in the first evah,

All About MEme Shopping Spree-Spree!

Shop 'til you Drop and buy - you guessed it - FIVE new items of clothing, accessories, shoes ... something you put on your hot little bod! Tell us what you "bought" in words, photos, links, ... you decide.

"It doesn't matter what you wear
Just as long as you are there! "

*Just clarifying - for legal purposes and what-not - that the aforementioned gift card is not real. Please do not send your credit card bills to either MommyBrain or SupahMommy. We're just as dough-challenged and cash-strapped as the next SAHM ;) But please feel free to spend on this spree as if it were someone else's money ... just not ours ... for shizzle.

* join us
* make a post- grab our meme button or shopping spree pic
* come back here paste in your posts direct URL and your name into LInky
* comment on the two above you and 1 below you if you can
* leave some comment love and grow your blog

Sue ME girls, I could not keep it to five because:

(give me everything below please, damn you Goop!)

- I am a raving online window-shop-aholic. I seek out cool and trendy stuff and then try to find it cheap online or in real-life. I cut stuff out of magazines and keep a folder of...


Seriously, my window-shop-aholic disease is CRAZY. But, does not cost me anything but a few hours surfing and magazine subscriptions.

Gwyneth Paltrow made it WORSE with her damn post about her Uniform...because it is EXACTLY what I would want for myself if I were:

a) that thin

b) that rich

Damn her cute trouser jeans and coat - except THIS look I have in a different color - dark trouser jeans and a recent find (Saturday at Marshall's for a blessed shopping day without Boo Boo La la) deep turquoise "Live A Little" jacket...LOVE IT! at 18.99!!

Ah - CASHMERE TRENCH AND RIDING BOOTS? Thank you, I will take it...

These booties seriously are calling for Mommy Lisa's feet.

Uh- HELLO! This is a perfect, "I am so rich that I sit on the board of your charity and can show up looking all 'artsy-cool' and no one will say sh++ to me about it. I am THAT fabulous."

Now the cat is out of the bag why there are abandoned shopping carts all over the internet. Mommy Lisa is to blame - sorry marketing people trying to up your surf-to-purchase ratio - when I win Powerball I will help fix that. ;)


Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Cashmere... delightful. I want to dress like Gwyneth, too!

Chief said...

surf to purchase...heh...I have so many abandoned shopping carts out there...maybe the homeless can use them

Baby Sweetness said...

haha! I'm with you! Now.. tell me... where did you find cheaper trouser jeans...? ;)

Unknown said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that abandones carts.

Margaret said...

The clothes are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Forget the clothes, can I buy Gweneth? Oh wait, no thats not, yea I like the shoes...the shoes...thats it ;)

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

u r funny

xoxo supah

* and gwenyth.. she's lucky she's so beautiful in those AWESOME CLOTHES that we forget and forgive her duet with Huey Lewis.

Faux Martha said...

Gawd...I love every single one of those but that Tod's jacket is the price of one year of college....blasphemy!!!

BJ_Mama said...

LOVE that JACKET!!! and the short boots!!! Gurl....maybe we can swap clothes, oh wait, I have the card too! I'm buying them too!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Wow....everything looks so nice! Gwyneth is so amazing :)

Whiskeymarie said...

That cashmere trench?
Hello, Satan? Sure-you can have my soul for that yummy piece of clothing. I wasn't using it anyways.

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