November's Good Shopping Deed

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I get emails from Envirosax - I am their friend on Facebook - I write about them all the time.

And now they are helping a cause that I find has touched some of my blogging friends. Having to give up pets because they have lost their home.

You are shopping for the holiday season already, right?

Why not participate by purchasing a set of bags for your Aunt or your Mother who you never know what to buy? Perhaps a socially conscious brother-in-law? Whomever!

Here is what Envirosax will do:

During the month of November, Envirosax is proud to donate $1 from the sale of every Graphic Series pouch (set of 5 bags, shown below) sold on the Envirosax website to the ASPCA®.
Recently there has been an alarming rise in reports concerning animals that have been left behind to starve or fend for themselves in empty foreclosed homes. Once discovered and taken to local shelters, many of these “foreclosure pets" are in desperate need of medical care.
Animal shelters nationwide depend on donations to help cover medical costs and provide food and shelter. Recently, donations have dwindled due to the recession and many of the shelters have been forced to cut holding periods from six days to three after which the animals are put down.
Not only are Envirosax pouches an affordable gift idea for the Holidays, proceeds from each sale of these select products will go towards providing food, medical care, and hopefully give abandoned pets a second chance at finding loving homes.


If you purchase a set let me know! I want to personally thank you. ;)

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful thing...gosh forclosed home owners having to give up pets, thats something I never thought truly sisters will be getting these bags for christmas.

MommyLisa said...

AWESOME. I absolutely love my sets - I have two sets so I can wash one and put the other in my purse.

Target and many other shops give you a 5 cent discount if you use your own bags too! ;)

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