Friday, November 6, 2009

Last weekend this movie was on TBS - (stands for The Best Shit on Television).

I love it for a few reasons:

  1. Hugh Grant
  2. Drew Barrymore
  3. 80's pop - even fake - I graduated in 1985, so 'nuff said
  4. A jane-schmo gets a chance to write for a living. Heck, if I could make money writing case studies I would do it.

Wang Chung my babies, wang chung.


G said...

I made B watch this movie with me. He sang that GD song for a full week. I regretted it.

Lee said...

I loved this movie. I think it was because the music and the parody was in my time zone

Anonymous said...

I love this mocie, I grew up in the 80's I think they rocked....;)

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