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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I did not sleep very well last night. I woke up at 1:01am, 2:18am, 3:02am, and 4:12am. At which point I got out of bed and got dressed to make it to the Y by 5...

I get to the Y and get on a cross-trainer with my text book and headphones and am blissfully working out and learning (I learn/comprehend better when I am in motion - there is a term for it, but I forget) and an older gentleman starts to get on the cross-trainer next to me.

SIGH. Do you NOT know the rules? There are THREE machines to the right of me and FOUR to the left. DUDE, I do not care how charming you are with your "Good Morning!". LEARN THE RULES for gym ettiquette!
However, the rest of my morning has been awesome:
  1. Boo Boo La la did not fight me getting dressed and got on her own hat, mittens and shoes.
  2. I got a Grande when I paid for a Tall at Starbucks...mmmm Peppermint Mocha - do not judge I still am only at 1-3 caffiene drinks per week.
  3. I got a PRIMO parking spot in the ramp.
  4. A nice lady held the elevator for me.

Last night - oh last night. It was my anniversary you know. NINE YEARS with the T-bone. He had a Union Meeting and since he is the VP he HAD to be there.
I was home alone with the kids and after dinner both the older ones abandoned me and Boo Boo. So, I gave her a bath, we cuddled, played, and I put her in bed.

About 20 minutes later she comes running in and crying...

"Mama, mama, I got my kleenex stuck in my nose."

I pick her up and look - "I do not see anything sweetie."

"It is UP there! "
And points to the spot between her nostril and bridge of her nose...YIKES! What to do?????
I calmly...yes, calmly...lay her flat on the bed tip her head back and ask her for sure, "Which nostril."

She points to the right one and says, "IT HURTS MOMMY!"

I grab the saline at the bedside and spray some up there, sit her up, cover her mouth and left nostril and say...


She does and out pops a wad of kleenex this big - No joke!

Hubby came home shortly afterward. I explained the excitement - he said the appropriate "Ewww." to the size of the kleenex wad that landed on my shirt and then we just relaxed.


Lee said...

But how satisfying was that for her!!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing what we can fit in our nose...I once got a penny up mine;)

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