Movie Monday - Why I love Adam Sandler

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I will continue to profess my undying love for one Adam Sandler. (I's not Monday, but Boo Boo made me watch this AGAIN last night...)

  1. He does not cheat on his wife.
  2. He is FUNNY!
  3. He makes my daughter AND my husband laugh. 
Friday night Boo Boo La La and I watched Bedtime Stories.  And while I will say it is tough for me to imagine Adam Sandler and Keri Russell as a couple, the story was NOT about them.  It was about a goofball reconnecting with his family and not being "underdemciated".

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She also sent me this:
One Lovely Blog from Messy Mommy

I really love awards! Can you believe I got two this week!

YOU DAZZLE! (how cool)
from Valerie at Next To Heaven!

Thank you ladies...I am honored that you took the time to read my blog and let others know I am out here.  It is truly appreciated!
There were rules with one award, but not the other - so I am making my own rules and passing

ONE LOVELY BLOG to EyeGirl at Life As I See It!


YOU DAZZLE GIRL to my home girl at My Life in Purple!

If you have not read either blog - go now and see how smart and funny these ladies are...


Anonymous said...

I love hi too...even his not so good movies make me laugh, he is brilliant:)

My Life in Purple said...

I LOVE AWARDS!! Thank you :)

You just made my day a little brighter.

BNM said...

Adam Sandler is too funny & I love his movies :) Have you seen funny people yet? Its a different role but still funny.. it was a good movie

Anonymous said...

I love Adam Sandler!! And thank you for the award.

Messy Mommy said...

Adam Sandler is awesome! That was a good movie!

L said...

he is such a funny funny man!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

I LOVE Adam Sandler and am proud to say he is from my state :) I have not seen that movie yet, I will have to check it out!

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