Adventures in radio - Where did I work?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Radio is an odd business...even more now than when I was in it.

From my graduation at Brown I went off to a job in Crosby, MN at a station that no longer exists!  But I worked for the most awesome lady!!  ;)

When I lost that job because my boss couldn't afford to keep us all any longer I got a job in Ottumwa, IA!

When the new PD hit on me and things got too crazy in IOWA - I made them get me a new job at KDOG in Mankato, MN - well, my lawyer made them.  Again, it no longer exists.

That stunk.  So I got another job in Alexandria, MN at a station that no longer exists! (are you sensing a pattern here?)

Weekends I started working in Minneapolis at KOOL 108 - which still exists, sorta.  I got that gig because Bob Wood could not "get my voice out of his head!"  I love Bob.

I dreamed of a big market radio job.  Somewhere COOL!  (I even interviewed with Pig Vomit once by phone!)

I interviewed for a job in Syracuse...that would have been cool.  But they just brought me in to scare the crap out of the girl they had.  AND I HAD NEW HEADSHOTS TAKEN FOR THEM!  a-holes.

I got a call one day from another Wood.  David Wood.  He always joked to people "in the biz" that he was Bob's little brother.  They were BOTH hot-shot awesome PD's. 

David said he got my tape from another PD in Texas and wanted me to fly in and interview for a brand new station in Indianapolis - that no logner exists! and really neither does radio - They sent me a ticket and booked me a hotel.  It was the first time I went for a radio interview where I did not have to pay to get to the interview!  so cool.

I came in during a DOWNPOUR and David picked me up and took me to the hotel.  Told me to order whatever to eat and put it on my room - he would be back in the morning to pick me up and show me around! 

He was late - we took quick tours of both buildings - whirlwind introductions and no "real" interview.  Then we went out to lunch on the way back to the airport.  I am wondering how this is going to end.  Lunch is over and really all we have done is talk and get to know each other...then, in the car

"So do you want to start the week after Labor Day?  Will that give you enough time to move from Minnesota?"

Uh.  Sure!

"One thing.  Will you change the spelling of your last name to B-A-Y-H?"

Sure...(I had no idea why, my dad told me.) so you want to hire me then?

"Oh YEAH!  We loved your tape.  We only had you come down to make sure you weren't a nut or something."

Okay then.  Noted.  I am not a nut.


Anonymous said...

So basically your saying ...if we own a radio station and want it to stick around, dont let ya work there? lol

seriously, your life seems way cool and interesting.

MommyLisa said...

Well - I am not sure I would say that it was ME exactly. :) Radio is tough now that it is no longer mom & pop, but big corporations that want money for the shareholders. Who cares about the listeners!?! They are always putting out the "next big hot format"...but, yeah...the way it reads it could mean that! ;)

Cathy said...

I listen to Kool108 from Thanksgiving to Xmas...when they play nothing up xmas tunes!

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