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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sometimes when I pick up Boo Boo La La "J" will tell me a funny story.

I love J - and right now I would do anything she asks, but that is a story for another day.  When you think of our daycare, think sending your kid to the cool family that looks like they dropped right into the middle of Minnesota from someplace cool - like San Diego or Hawaii.   But give them Minnesota values and humor...

That is J and her adorable family.

J and her hubby walk their dog FOUR miles every night AFTER the kids go home with their parents.  <----and dammit they are OLDER than me.  I am lazy.

The other day when I saw them walking by the park on their way home J said, "Your lilacs are just gorgeous!  I love lilacs...." wink, wink.

Of COURSE - would you like us to bring you some?  "YES."

So Wednesday morning Boo Boo and I went into the yard with a cup and scissors to cut some lovely lilacs for Mrs. J....she was thrilled!  (I brought her more Friday too - you know they only last a couple weeks!)

J told me that all that day as the kids arrived should would go up and ask them,

"Did you bring J flowers?"
uhhhhh (deer in headlights 3-8 year olds)
"You were SUPPOSED to you know!"

oh my...

J thought it was HI-LAR-I-OUS.  (phew.)

For more history on why there are so MANY lilacs in my town click this Wikipedia entry.  Or watch the Twin Cities Public Television special on Lilac Way.


Anonymous said...

love it ;) and the pic is just priceless.

Cathy said...

I LOVE lilacs! They are all over Hastings too and the air smells fantastic! One of my favorite scents!

gretchen said...

Lilac Way is amazing! You must just drive along with your windows rolled down, inhaling. I love lilacs, and I've never lived anywhere where they grow, it gets too hot here in CA and in Texas where I grew up. I'm jealous. Well, okay, I'm not jealous for those Minnesota winters, but...

Ian said...

HEY - CONGRATS on 100 followers!!!!!!!!

Lesli said...

Gosh, I love lilacs. I am always looking for a vacant lot or something that has them so I can steal them! You are right, they only last a few weeks & that is hardly long enough!

Marla said...

Love it!! lol

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