Today is the day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today is the day that The Mom Squad picks up their new Chevy Traverse's at Kare 11!!

My Dad and Boo Boo La La are going with me...expect pictures AND expect that I will be blogging over here at Mom's Time Out Twin Cities for the better part of the next month.


How about a good road trip or car related story.  Nothing too *ahem* adult please, just good clean fun!

Like the time my friend and I road tripped to Vail spur of the moment in my Chevy Chevette - can you imagine going through the mountains in this?

picture from CarGurus!
I did love my VETTE though...I still miss her & her mish-mosh of stickers!

Save the Whales!
Elect Jim Ramstad (a Republican?)
A big Peace symbol
Sorority Letters

what can I say I was 19?
So..what is your car story?  Email me the story or the HTML!

P.S. Anyone in MN or WI can go out to the Mom's Time Out Twin Cities website starting 5/24 and register for cool prizes and find Heartland Chevy Dealer's where they can test drive a Chevy and get $30 Coupon for any location that is on Spa Finders!  Cool, huh?

p.p.s. and you could vote for me to win a trip too...but that is not important.  ;)


My Life in Purple said...

What? No R rated stories?

...back to the drawing board!

Cathy said...

So exciting!!!

I will email you a guest post early next week!

Mama Hen said...

Speaking of road trips - I could really use one!! I have been thinking of simply putting some things together and taking Little Chick in the car with some toys and books and just heading North to Rhode Island perhaps. Ahhh! That would be so nice.

Mama Hen

Anonymous said...

a little r rating never hurt ;)

Lynsee said...

My dad used to drive a Vette, too! He liked telling the ladies that he drove a 'Vette...Chevette that is! It was this ugly light brown thing...ugh. He was devasted the day that some lady ran into in when it was parked on our street and ran it into our tree! :(

MommyLisa said...

I drove TWO Vette's. My first was a white one...I loved it way more than my second one, which was red. I was so sad when the white one died - I drove that sucker into the GROUND. and cried when my daddy told me it could not be fixed any more. :(

The only car I ever had that was ALMOST as close to my heart was my LeBaron. ;)

Robin said...

I bet you looked hot in your vette(s)...I once tried one on for was the right price but the color was so was orange and it clashed with my red lipstick...definitley no good..I didnt get it ..I got a new Camaro instead...silver with spoke rims...Ahhhhh the good ole days.....then I got arrested in it, in Harlem..not an "R" story but not a good(happy) one either...

Raising Z and Lil C said...

I had a turquoise ford escort with a "save the humans" bumper sticker :)

Messy Mommy said...

I'll have to think somethin up!

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