Yesterday I had a very rough morning...and made a decision.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yesterday morning I had my annual visit to the OB/GYN...a place I know VERY well because of the three years I spent going there to get pregnant with Boo Boo La La. 

Let's look at her shall we? 


I see a specific doctor there - not the one I originally saw nearly ten years ago - she is SUPER HARD to get an appointment with since she had grandbabies and she has been voted a TOP OB/GYN for the last three years in MPLS/StPaul magazine. 

A different doctor, but still he has been on that list too and I loved him for a few good reasons:
  1. He made you feel like he had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD for you.
  2. He made a MAD dash in effort to get to the hospital before Boo Boo was born - they were on the phone telling him they were going to start pitossin when my water broke and Boo Boo started crowning!!!!
  3. He CLEANED UP the floor after stiching me back together instead of leaving it for a nurse.
  4. He ALWAYS asks about Boo Boo.  ALWAYS and listens to me tell about her.
  5. He noticed when I cut my hair really short - and he had not seen me in a month.
Well from now on I am calling ahead the three months or so it takes to see my original doctor.

Here is why.

I made my appointment for 8:30 am because I am not always sure how long it takes to get to the office from my house and daycare does not open until 7:30am.  I got there rather 8:05 am, no biggie.

Now you MUST know that the doctor in question is always behind.  So you take the first or second appointment of the day to be sure to not have to wait excessively - OR you call ahead and ask how far behind he is...the office staff are aware that his long standing patients WILL call and ask if they are scheduled later in the day. 

I got ushered back for labs and the nurse was telling me that she was "probably" going to take me back out because they were waiting for the first appointment person to arrive.  Huh?  She's not hear yet?  by now its like 8:20...she STILL is not here when the nurse checks and so she takes me to a room.

I wait and I wait and finally look at my cell for the time.  EIGHT FIFTY-ONE!!!  WTF???

I open the door and am PANICKED I have a meeting at 10:00 am at my office EIGHTEEN MILES AWAY!!!!  and I have things I want to discuss. 

The other lady SHOWED UP in the flash between my being put in a room and the doctor grabbing my (thick as an encyclopedia) chart!!!  AND HE WENT IN TO SEE THIS SUPER LATE WOMAN OVER ME AND NOW MY APPOINTMENT IS NEARLY THIRTY MINUTES LATE!!!???!!?!?!?

He said he was SORRY about six times.  I was so ticked off by this turn that I just could not even talk to him about what I wanted to talk about.  I called my hubby to vent and was SO UPSET that I started hyperventillating...which is NOT good because I have asthma and they do not make Albuterol any more!!!

Would you take that and go back?  Or see another doctor?  I have been seeing him exclusively since Boo Boo was born and saw him the most outside of my original doctor when I was pregnant with Boo Boo.  (You had to see everyone in the practice during your pregnancy just in case they were on call.)

I have had him hold my hand and make me feel better quite a few times and now...

I am just so mad.


Oka said...

I think you need to do what feels best for you. Personally, I would make mention to him and the office manager(not the nurse and not reception) you don't appreciate how things occurred.

Anonymous said...

I think sometimes docotrs forget that there oath says thewy are to heal thie sick...sometimes it isnt judst the physical, ya know? so sorry this happened to you...


jayayceeblog said...

I am a firm believer in letter writing so I'd write him a letter saying something like "Let me share with you my unfortunate experience in your office ..." And I'd tell him that he deserves another chance, then see if they do any better. They never should have seen that other woman first when you had been sitting there waiting so long. Very poor time management and business management!

Ali said...

That stinks! My OBGYN office is the same with waiting for certain Dr.'s.

Mama Hen said...

I am new to your blog. You have a new follower! I would definately say something. My last appointment I ended up seeing a different doctor and she had me sitting in the cold room for 35 minutes in the paper dress. I poked my head out in the hall to see where she was and the nurse told me that she left for the hospital to see another patient. Great! Imagine if I did not check to see where she was. I would still be there. Come visit Mama's Little Chick.

Mama Hen

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

I'd give him one more chance, but I'd be sure to bring it up with him...either in a phone call or by letter.

I think what happened is ridiculous, but maybe he just had a 'DUH' moment, ya know? Like, "She was here first but HER appointment was first, I'm gonna be so behind for the rest of the day". He probably just had trouble prioritizing (which he shouldn't have often, he's a Dr and works under pressure quite often, right?) and sometimes we end up being the one on the sucky end.

Address it with him, see if his response is reasonable, decide whether this one situation is worth tossing a good Dr/patient relationship. It's tough to find a great Dr.

If she was more than 10 minutes late her appointment should've been rescheduled, in my opinion.

Shell said...

That's ridiculous. If someone was late for their appointment, then they should be the ones waiting, not you!

I don't know what I would do, though.

Anonymous said...

I would be fuming! That is ridiculous. I agree with the letter writing suggestion. I would write him and let him know how disappointed you were and why and then see how it goes the next time. He does sound like a great and caring doctor. Hopefully it was just a one time mistake. But yeah, I'd have been flipping out...

Angie said...

That would infuriate me. However, it's been my experience that doctors are less responsible for their schedules than are office staff. So I'd call and talk to the office manager. Docs aren't involved in scheduling, and I'd bet the nurse is the one who handed him Mrs. Late's file before yours.

Good luck with everything, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier today!

Looking forward to reading more about you and about Boo Boo!

MommyLisa said...

I only need to see him once a year right now...he did say he was sorry. I do have a "semi-annoying" ongoing issue that he is the only doctor that has treated me for this issue.


I may just write the letter and leave it at that.

lori said...

I would be mad but I would probably get over it. I get so mad at Target for continually ripping me off, but I keep going back. Oh and "Boo Boo La La." I love it. Thanks for the heads up on my comment thing. Someone else told me about that. I dont know what the deal is.

sprinkles said...

I always have to wait awhile to see my dr. Personally, I think he overbooks himself. Well, his receptionist people do, anyways. I won't go to anyone else though because I really like him a lot. He makes me feel like a person rather than a number and that he actually cares about me. Once I went in for an appt. and then just started crying for no apparent reason. He had me stand up and then gave me a big hug. I've been to a LOT of drs. for various reasons who were not in the least bit personable so that meant the world to me that he'd do that.

But honestly, I think you should do what you feel is best in your heart.

Unknown said...

Ugh, that stinks. I think you should bring it up and if it happens again then maybe start looking! Your Boo Boo is soooo cute

Mama Hen said...

Thanks for visiting Mama's Little Chick! I put you in favorites!!One bird to another. He,he,he! I grabbed your button also!!
See you around the Hen House!

Mama Hen

Anti-Supermom said...

I'd *want* to leave and find a new doctor, but as you said, it's only once a year - I'd probably put up with it knowing the they know all of your history.

I'd totally write the letter though, like everyone else said. Good luck!

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Makes me insane!!! Love your blog, I'm your newest follower.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

My OB always notice my hair too by the way. That means a lot, especially from a boy doc who totally looks like Dr. McDreamy! :)

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

Messy Mommy said...

Dr appts can be so aggravating when you have to wait. I switched doctors when that continued happening to me.

And they don't make albuterol anymore????????????? That's what we always gave the kids when they had respiratory infections which was ALL the time!

Mommie Daze said...

That's a tough question. I hate waiting on doctors. It seems like OBGYNs are the worst when it comes to being late too. I've waited up to an extra hour at mine.

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