Cool Car Tales - 3rd Trip!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today the PEEP visiting the nest to blog for Mommy Lisa is a dear person! 
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I think most people have fond memories of the first car they owned. Me

not so much. My first car broke my heart, it was a brown Toyota that

on my first night , it stopped working and never ran good again.

The car I fell in love with, and still have heart flutters to this day

while thinking of it was about the third car I owned. My bright shiny

red ford festiva.

I loved this car for so many reasons, first it was the first car I

ever bought on my own. It was red, and I could drive forever on 5

bucks of gas. And last but not least, it was the car my best friend

Betty and I lived in for a summer.

It was the end of the eighties, that strange time right before the

grunge movement took over. I had just traded my flock of seagulls hair

for a chin length bod that was died jet black to match my clothes and

eye liner (yes eyeliner, I looked fabulous) Betty and I had worked for

the past two years, her in a vets office, me cutting hair...we had

saved all our money. Our plan was to hit the road, no real plan just

see where the road took us.

We both gave our notice at work. Packed up what little we took in my

new Festiva and hit the road. We had tickets to a depeche mode concert

in Chicago...

We planned on attending the concert, then just following the road to

wherever. We arrived at the with the black hair, tight

rocker jeans(black) and my white pirate shirt(yes, like the Seinfeld

"puffy shirt") she , black hair...long black dress, red lips....both

of us sporting our eye liner.....the concert was amazing....I can

still hear the crowd singing in unison "It's your own personal Jesus"

We met this amazing girl, Kate that night. From the minute I met her I

knew I had to know her. Bleached hair, red lips, amazing eyes.....we

talked. She told us how she was headed to Cincinnati for the next DM

concert. Having no real plan, we decided to tag along. So we left Chi

town, the three of us headed to Cincinnati in search of the music.

The road trip was amazing, we laughed, talked...sang. We also found

out that a festiva is just not big enough for three adults. It was

like trying to live in a phone say crowded would be an

understatement. We arrived at the concert, it was amazing as

well....we lost Kate that night, she hooked up with two guys who had

decided to head out west.

We may have lost our new friend, but we had gained a plan, after the

concert both Betty and I looked at each other and said, lets just

follow around depeche mode for the summer! Without much more thought

than that, we got the concert schedule, jumped in the car and began

our adventure.

It was truly a time like no other. Betty and I had so many adventures

along the way....met so many amazing people, some I am still friends

with to this day. We became true independent thinkers that summer,

realizing that sometimes all you can do is follow your dream....

Things I learned that summer

1. Bucket seats, no matter how far they recline, are not a comfy place to sleep

2. The smell of two adults with no access to showers in a small car

can and will become overwhelming, causing you to pull off the road and

run into a field, just to shower under those giant sprinkler things

farmers use.

3. Farmers do not like it when two stinky strangers are running around

there fields "showering"

4. black hair un washed is not attractive

5. Friends, truly are the family we choose

6. People, strangers on the road can become the best of friends

7. never a good idea to wash your clothes in a gas station bathroom sink

8. said clothes don't dry well, while being worn

9. those same cloths smell like nothing you have ever smelled when

mixed with the smell of the un showered

10. depeche mode followers are the coolest people on the planet

11. a Ford festiva can out run a pack of crazy dogs on a old dirt road

while you are lost

12. I would so relive every moment of that summer if I could

MY friend Betty has passed on since that awesome summer...but her

memory lives on. When ever I hear a depeche mode song, whenever I see

eye liner in a store, whenever I see a old red ford festiva driving

down the road...

It was an amazing summer, a summer of adventure, of love, of true

friendship....self discovery and life lessons that can never be

forgotten....and none of that time could have happened if it had not

been for my first motor love....the wonderful, red, magic



My Life in Purple said...

What a wonderful story. I'm sure Betty would be very happy to know that her memory lives with you.

She's your own personal Jesus. (See what I did there??)

Thanks for sharing your story with us :)

Cathy said...

Oh wow! That sounds like quite the summer! What an incredible memory.

sprinkles said...

What a fun summer!

My very first car was a piece of crap Chevy Citation. There was more rust than paint. My parents bought it for me. It's sooooooooo not what I would have ever picked out for myself! First of all because it was really ugly and secondly because it spent more time at the shop getting fixed than it did in my driveway, practically!

jayayceeblog said...

That was an interesting and fun summer. You should really turn this story into a book. Love, love, love the part where you're showering in the farmers' fields. Thanks for sharing!

MommyLisa said...

That book would be awesome to read...and Steven would be the best writer for it!

Mama Hen said...
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Ma What's 4 dinner said...

What great memories. Oh, the wonderful summers of our youth. I miss Depeche Mode. I was so young and full of angst!

For the record, my first car was a VW Jetta. I loved it, I thought I was so cool in it!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

Mamí♥Picture said...

That is the cutest red car I have never seen!!

Anti-Supermom said...

What an amazing story that most of us only wished we had to tell. AWESOME!

Marla said...

I agree. I smell a book in there.

Keely said...

My first car was a plaid Maverick, but despite it's interesting paint job, it doesn't sound nearly as cool as that Festiva. What a fantastic summer!

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