Fool Me Once....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Do you shop those online "deal" websites where you get fantasitc stuff for cheap?  I have good luck with the coupon ones - like Groupon - Living Social - Crowd Cut - but have not had good luck with the actual STUFF sites. keeps inviting me to their "valued customer" sales but the one time I saw a pair of nice shoes I thought would be awesome on T-bone and ordered them - they emailed me about a month later saying, "Hey sorry! We ran out."  I mean - Whuck?  You RAN OUT?  How was I able to actually ORDER the shoes if you didn't have enough. 

Then along came an ad for - a site for cool kids stuff and I thought - "Ooooo!  I can shop for fun stuff for Christmas and Birthday's!" 
Isn't that shirt CUTE?  Couldn't you just SEE it on Boo Boo La La? 
Well forget about it!

Mommylisa21, Jul 29 16:39 (PDT):

Hello Lisa,

We are very sorry to inform you that due to an unexpected inventory discrepancy we are not able to fulfill your order as planned. We realize this is a disappointment and we apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this may cause. The authorization for your credit card has been voided so your card will not be charged.

Please be assured that we tried everything we could to resolve this issue so that we could ship your order in its entirety. In light of our inability to meet our commitment to you, we will be adding a store credit in the amount of $10 to your zulily account. We realize this isn’t the same as shipping what you ordered, but we hope you’ll be able to use it on a future order with zulily.

Once again, we would like to extend our apologies to you. If there’s anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We value your patronage and look forward to providing a better experience in the future.


zulily Customer Service

And mind you I placed the order July 9th!!!  It took them twenty days to figure out they did not have enough of these t-shirts in stock.

Quite honestly I do not understand how this happens - It happend to me with the clearance sale on too this past spring ONE out of the FIVE items I ordered was actually in stock and shipped to me.  Do I need to start selling inventory control services???

So what say YOU blog community?  Do I bother to give them a second chance?  Have YOU ever ordered from Zulily and ACTUALLY recieved the item you ordered.  Have you had this happen to YOU?


sprinkles said...

Well, I've never heard of zulily so this hasn't happened to me with them. At least they gave you a $10 credit though! No one's ever done that for me.

I ordered a book on once and three months later, I cancelled the order because they still have it in. Supposedly it was on backorder. Yeah, I think they never actually had it in stock!

I ordered some stuff from a catalog once and the company replaced some of the things they didn't have in stock with another similar item of equal or lesser value. That pissed me off because I'd rather they tell me they didn't have it and give me the option of ordering something else or cancelling that particular item. Some of the stuff they replaced wasn't stuff I'd have ever picked out for myself.

sprinkles said...
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Anonymous said...

Ive only ever ordered from steve madden .com...Ive had great luck with them...sounds like some of these other places are scary:(

Michelle said...

I think if they had sent this to you 2-3 days after you ordered it, I'd give them a second chance. Something 20 days ago? That indicates they probably don't deserve my business.

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