Update on Mission Monkey - Winners being announced today & next week!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality has started the Mission.  A Mission for a Monkey - to help a small child and her family that have had a big huge bucket of cold hard cancer dumped on them.

It is amazing that we raised over $3000 for Monkey's Family - and they are paying it forward as well.  If you had not heard Monkey is doing well - and now Ian has begun announcing the winners!!!
Click on The Daily Dose of Reality for more details! 

In case you forgot some of the cool stuff that you could win!!!  Remember to buy stuff from these Etsy Sellers, thank them!

ECO-friendly Wool Dryer Balls from Farm Fresh Fiber


Retro and Fun Tuxedo inspired Peasant Top with the added Boutique Mia touch; it can be a vintage button, a little bow or just a little surprise.
Size 4/5

From Boutique Mia!  She makes adult clothing too!

 Boo Boo Approved!

donated this lovely piece from his shop!

Thanks Everybody!  and remember...this could be your child.


Anonymous said...

you guys rock! hugs to you and Monkey:)

sprinkles said...

Wow, that's so amazing that y'all have raised over $3000 for Monkey!

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