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Friday, August 13, 2010

So today is a good day - but it has been a stressful week.

Yes, we were on vacation last week - but we go to our timeshare we own and I pretty much cook and wash dishes the whole week.  It is not EXACTLY the most relaxing, but we do have a lot of quality time with each other...and there is more wine than usual (and less whine).

The day we got back from vacation T-bone got word that YES he would be working 12-14 hour days all week and possibly the weekend too.  I have had all three kids at home, cooking dinner and ensuring everyone gets to the dentist, work, etc. by myself.  Would not have been too awful, but BooBooLaLa is having a growth spurt that is making her tired and achy and cranky!  I mean I think she grew three or four inches - her Barbie nightgown is now a tunic...like she can't wear it without pj bottoms! 

Thank goodness that the weekend work is off due to their speedy work during the week. 

Mostly because...

Tomorrow is my Commencement Ceremony

The only bummer of it is that the University no longer "calls out" students who have achieved honors.  So I am graduating Summa Cum Laude - but the only place it will say that is on my diploma. 
Not the program - no special tassel - nada.

It kind of makes me sad.  I wanted the recognition of my hard work in getting straight A's over the course of my college career.  Don't you think those of us who worked hard deserve it? 

The other bummer is I just have no idea what to wear.  It says to dress like you were going to a wedding and that it will be super hot!!!  And muggy!!! I think this morning I finally decided what to wear - black double-V top and black lightweight Eileen Fisher pants...maybe with my new iridescent purple flats?

So - like I said it is a good day with some not-so-awesome parts thrown in...now if I could just get Whiskey Marie to bring me one of her red velvet cupcakes it would make it all better!  ;)

Sorry for the whine - join me on Twitter for #wineparty tonight and I will make it up to you!
#wineparty starts at 8pm and no - you don't need to drink wine to join!


Michelle said...

Congrats!!! And that sucks that there isn't any recognition for your hard work!

My Life in Purple said...

..but, I can still drink wine, right?

Whatever you decide on, as long as it's not a Snuggie, you will look FAB! And yes to the purple flats ;)

Marla said...


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