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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The fall and winter I lived in Norway was EPIC for weather for me.  It rained some every day for over 40 days that fall and snow was piled so high in our backyard that winter I could not see out my window.  That bugged the bejebus out of me.  You see my window was a giant picture window that overlooked Molde Fjord below like this:


So I did what any normal red-blooded American girl would do.  I got a shovel and dug out my window - then lay there in the snow and sunshine and sighed.

That was a great day and was probably the day I wrote this poem.

looking, hoping
and suddenly,
your surrounded.
Comforting rays
of color
flash in your
silky golden hair.
lisa ann '86

Please forgive the grammatical errors in all of this poetry.  Most was written when my days were spent speaking Norwegian and taking a French class in Norwegian and trying to read "the classics" of English literature for fun. 

Yup.  I read "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" for "fun". 

Have a great day buttercup!


lisahgolden said...

You crack me up. I love the visual image of a young you digging out that window. How could that moment not inspire poetry?

jayayceeblog said...

Your photo and poem are wonderful! One winter when we lived in Nebraska, it snowed our front screen door shut. I can't even remember how Dad got out there to shovel. =)

Unknown said...

I love snow! But I would want to see out too. :) It must have been thrilling to dig out your window!

Marla said...

What an amazing adventure of a life you have led.

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