Boo Boo Saturday - Dedicated to my OTHER Baby

Saturday, September 25, 2010

This is my baby...yes those are PRINCESS stickers on her mug...
I don't know.  She is four.

My baby says THIS is my baby.
Roofis - our family kitty who really only is tolerated by some members of the family because he is KIND OF crazy...

Let us demonstrate the crazy:

This cat THINKS he wants to be outside - but when we let him out there on the deck all he does it meow and hide under the chairs...he really is one of those "I am a tough guy" on the outside "Marshmallow" on the inside guys.

Fast forward (a few days)- he is declawed so no more climbing the screen.

Fast forward (a little over a year) - Roofis figures out how to OPEN the screen door when we have the door open and now thinks it is a game to see if he can get out without us noticing...

Fast forward (about another year) - J-Dogg locks himself out of his car and does what any red-blooded American boy would do...he gets a wire hanger.  But for some reason he then chucks it into my hosta bed???  HUH? (I still do not have a straight answer WHY he did this...)

Fast forward (a week or two):  I see the wire hanger in my hosta bed and wonder how the HECK it got there - and set it on the deck to get rid of it later.  I am busy weeding after all.

Fast forward (maybe another week?):  We have a lovely day and want fresh air into the house.  All the windows and doors are open... 

DANG ROOFIS!  Stop opening the screen door!!  Ugh. 

What can I do to keep you from opening it...wait that hanger...huh.

If I just wedge it here like this...

Will that work?
It looks kind of "jenky" know what I invented.

The Roofis Lock

at least that is what Boo Boo La La called it when T-bone forgot to put it up when he was grilling the other night and had the screen open.  :)

Roofis - He has decided to give up on that screen door...

stoopid lock


My Life in Purple said...

Silly Roofis!

da roof, da roof, da roof is on the screen door

Anonymous said...

sounds like my cat fancy and roofis could be

Cheeseboy said...

You are like the MacGuyver of cat owners.

Your cat is like Spiderman, only a cat.

Marla said...

Too funny. Great inventing there, kiddo!

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