I love a good deal!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who doesn't?  (that is what you said when you read the title of my blog today, isn't it?)

There are lots of places out there today where you can get a "deal" and yesterday via email I found out about a website where you can not only get a "deal" - you can also get a STEAL! 

(Disclosure: Yes, from the company Plum District - they asked me to be an affiliate! I am going to because of the QUALITY I have seen in their offers!)

They are currently launching in some new metropolitan areas - so go ahead and click the link to see if your city is there because !!!!  They have some super terrific STEALS! 

In Minneapolis/St. Paul they have had TARGET!!(even if I am not shopping there just now...), Caribou Coffee, Lund's & Byerly's, and today BRUEGGER'S BAGELS!!!  (compare that to some of the other online coupon sites!!)

And if you don't find one you like - well come back here next week when I officially launch as an affiliate and see what's up then!

The deals and steals at Plum District seem to me to be PLUM to say the very least.  ;)


Cheeseboy said...

I'm plumming my way over to check it out.

Michelle Pixie said...

I do love a good deal! It is almost like a euphoria for me. ;-)

sprinkles said...

Are you mad at Target?

Marla said...

I love a good deal so definately going to check it out.

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