Flashback Friday - Seymore D. Fair

Friday, October 15, 2010

These are my best friends from high school...sure we had a few friends that would join us for events as they liked, but these were the four inseperable girls our Junior and Senior year. 

It helped we all were in French and A/P classes together! 

Oh and we were band geeks.

From left to right, Colleen R, Me, Seymore (damn picture hog), Teri N. and Kristi B. 

or Clarinet, Flute/Picolo, Beak, Clarinet, Clarinet/Oboe - That's right, I'm the Michelle! 

So, this one time in New Orleans...
We met this pelican named Seymore D. Fair and he wanted us to join him at the WonderWall.  But we were INTENT on trying to buy a cocktail on Bourbon Street so we had to ditch that smelly fellow for Pat O' Brien's and a Hurricane or two. 

Our high school band played at the 1984 World's Fair/Expo in New Orleans on O.J. Simpson Day - and NO JOKE he directed us for a song and recreated his old Hertz commercials by leaping over trumpet and trombone cases for us...

Good times.

So, what do you have to share today? 

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Deb said...

-->Great picture! I added a link on my post today too.

Anonymous said...

How fun! and boy what a bunch of hotties ;)

Mandi Miller said...

Awesome picture! Sounds like good times!

Mnmom said...

Love the photo. I was a band geek too.

Marla said...

What a great photo and good memories. We never age in our brain, right? :-)

Mommy Shorts said...

OMG- I have never seen that commercial. That is awful in so many ways I can't even count them!

I was a chorus geek myself:)


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