Can more stuff happen to me? Really???

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So on my way home I stopped for a few groceries...I chatted up the checkout lady about shoplifters at the holiday's after I heard her talking to a co-worker.  We laughed about how obvious some are and I started out the door. 

A nice looking tall gentleman was ringing the Salvation Army bell and I had won $9 in the lottery so I put in a buck and told him why...He looked at me and said, "Cool, Merry Christmas!"

I walked out of the store and there was a car running right in front of mine. 
I saw its lights and it was a huge white SUV- no missing it.  I just thought,


Loaded up the groceries.
Took my cart to the cart corral.
Began to walk back and get into my car...

The guy in the SUV POPS OUT just as I get to my car door!

You just HIT MY CAR!!! 

Uhh, HOW?


Ummm, my car isn't even on.  What are you talking about...


okay you see where this is going?  the DORK backed into me and waited for me to come out, but was too stupid to wait until I ACTUALLY GOT IN THE CAR before he accused me of hitting his.

He began to take pictures with his iPhone.

So I did too with my camera.

He wouldn't move his car - so I didn't move mine.

He called the cops and I called my husband.

The cop came - listened to both stories - told the guy to move his car - saw NO damage and told him THAT is what was going in the report. 


WASTE OF HIS TIME! (exact words of the cop, "...waste of time." and "most people would have just looked for damage and left.") 

After cop said that MORON actually said, "Well, I have to wash it to see if there is damage." and the cop said, "Well, I am putting in my report there is NO damage."  HA!

Excuse me but I am now swearing on my blog:

ASSHOLE in the SUV - I hope your DICK shrivels up and falls off!

You may now resume your regularly scheduled reading of Mommy's Nest Thursday...

I will be better.  I now have my glass of wine and my Boo Boo La La snuggled up after her bath.


The Suburban Princess said...

What a loser. Someone just put a dent in my beautiful, flawless year-old van the other day and drove off before I came back and noticed it.

People can be such freaking jerks.

lori said...

tis the season.

T said...

I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh! Oh and your statment to him, awesome! Enjoy your wine because the idiots are everywhere!

Unknown said...

What a jackhole! Reminds me of that time years ago when we were walking in that Chaska parking lot and the guy backed out into us. Then when i yelled stop. He looked at us and flicked us off. I'll never forget looking at him and saying " Merry Christmas to you too sir!"

True story. PS- someone needs to punch that guy in the nuts. After his dick shrivels up and falls off.

MommyLisa said...

Oh BROTHER! How do I always end up in the path of the Jackhole?

:) I love you man!

Lesli said...

Unfortunately, tis the season for scam artists! What a loser!!

sprinkles said...

This is soooooo something that would happen to me!

I'm sorry you had to deal with that a**hole but I'm glad there was no damage at least. And it did sound like the cop was on your side rather than his.

Michelle said...

There are too many assclowns in this world. Glad the cop saw right through him.

lisahgolden said...

Once again I ask WHAT is wrong with people? Seriously, isn't life exciting/painful/stressful/joyful enough without all this jackassery.

I'm glad you're home safe and sound now.

The police should bill that guy for wasting their time.

Unknown said...

Could he have been any more STUPID? I hope his dick shrivels up, too! SOrry you had to deal w/ all of that crap!

Claudya Martinez said...

Oh that's infuriating! I'm so sorry that happened. I'm glad the cop could see the idiocy of the situation.

Jennifer said...

Crazy! I would never even THINK to try some of things people try to pull...and in the meantime some real emergency could have been happening while that guy was wasting that policeman's time!

Just A Normal Mom said...

So glad the cop didn't buy his lame story. I think I would have just laughed at him, unless I was just simply too shocked at his audacity!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Are you kidding me??? That is the most ridiculous and crazy thing I have heard in a long time! What an A&%! Love what you said to him :)

jules said...

What a moron!!! I'm glad you didn't back down and the cop was onto him as well! So sorry for ignorant people!

Marla said...

I had a guy pull that on me once. Said I slammed my door into his car. I wasn't even out of my car yet. Being old enough to be his mother, I got out, gave him the MOM stare and said, "Really? So sue me. I'll have my attorney call yours. His name please?"

The kid walked away. Butthead.

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